Availability & Rates

An exceptional former whaling captain's estate now your vacation home on Cape Cod.

Exclusive Seasonal Falmouth Cape Cod Rental Properties.

Be a local on Cape Cod for all of Summer 2020!

Until recently a boutique Inn, the property is now being offered on as private, isolated vacation residences.

Exhale and Relax while social distancing.  With excellent, high speed wireless broadband available throughout the property, premium Cable Subscriptions and the latest smart TVs, the properties make for a great change of scenery for remote work and play.

Or invite and share the property with close trusted friends, and enjoy Cape life for a month, or for the entire Summer in your social bubble together.

Both the Main Estate residence and Vineyard Sound Loft are available immediately.

Current Status of MA Covid 19 Reopening Plan.

As of May 18, 2020 the State of Massachusetts reopening guidance precludes all short term lodging rentals (31 days or fewer, and excepting certain populations including essential workers).

Rentals shorter than 31 days will become available again in MA as part of a Phase 2 gradual reopening plan, in early June.

Main Estate House – Monthly Rate & Availability

June.         $12,800.      Reserved

July.          $21,800.      Reserved

August.      $21,800.     Available

September.      $12,800.    Available

October.     $5,800.       Available

November.     $5,800.       Available

December.        $5,800.        Available

*as of May 18, 2020.*

Vineyard Sound Loft – Monthly Rate & Availability

June.         $4,150.      Reserved

July.          $6,650.      Available

August.      $6,650.     Available

September.      $4,150.    Available

October.     $2,500.       Available

November.     $2,500.       Available

December.        $2,500.        Available

*as of May 18, 2020.*

Long term rental room tax exclusion.

The State of Massachusetts exempts all rentals longer than 31 days from the combined 13.45% room taxes.

All rentals shorter than 31 days are subject to these taxes.

Mandatory 2 day “Air out”.

In consideration of all of our guests safety, we have implemented a strict protocol whereby the properties will be vacant for a full 48 hours during turnover periods between guests.

We have reduced our monthly rental rates 2 days pro rata for each monthly rental, all guests contracted rental months will be 2 days less than total days of the calendar month.

We are requiring all monthly rental guests to check in effectively 1 day after the start date of their rental month, and check out 1 day early at the conclusion of their rental period.

Security Deposit.

All rentals require a security deposit of $500.00.

This amount will be returned within 30 days of date of check out (most likely within 7 days).  Any known damages, missing items, or potential issues need to be reported upon check out.

Enhanced Cleaning Fee.

Estate house “enhanced” cleaning charge.   $295.00.

Vineyard Sound Loft “enhanced” cleaning charge.  $145.00.

This cleaning charge will apply to all rentals.

Main Estate House – Buyout Summer Season 2020

June 1, 2020 – September 1, 2020

3 Full months.

Rate – Negotiable.  Contact us [email protected]


*Room taxes of 13.45% do not apply to stays longer than 31 days.

Vineyard Sound Loft – Buyout Summer Season 2020

June 21st, 2020 – September 1, 2020

9 Full Weeks High Season

Rate – Negotiable.  Contact us [email protected]

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.  (as of 5.28.20)

*Room taxes of 13.45% do not apply to stays longer than 31 days.

Covid 19 Cancellation and Refund Policy

We recognize current uncertainty in making travel and vacation plans.  Consequently, we’ve devised a flexible and fair cancellation policy which shares cancellation risk between us.

As a small business, and due to our seasonal nature, cancellations affect us greatly.  Once we commit to hold a property for you, we turn subsequent inquiries away.

On all reservations cancelled a minimum of 30 days prior to scheduled arrival and check in, we will refund 50% of the total gross reservation amount, so each of us shares a 50% loss.  We will make the property available again immediately, and make a best effort to replace your reservation.  If successful, we will refund an aggregate total of 75% of the gross reservation amount.  (we will reduce the rate to improve booking probability).

Guest Screening and Transparency

An important part of our health and safety protocol requires the cooperation of our guests.

So we need your help!  We are requesting all of our guests disclose any recent Covid 19 contact or known personal risk, to the best of their knowledge and ability, as well as any symptoms of Covid 19 in the days prior to arrival.

We also request all guests make us aware if concerning symptoms develop at any time during their stay.  Finally, we ask guests report back to us post departure if they experience any concerning symptoms within a time period 14 days after their  departure.

This simple diligence helps to protect all of us, as well as all future guests of the properties.

Enhanced Covid 19 Cleaning & Disinfection Protocols

We take the Covid 19 virus seriously.

We have invested considerable time, expense, and thought in implementing a disciplined set of protocols and procedures for keeping the properties safe for ourselves, employees, contractors, and guests.

All properties will be unoccupied for an “Air out”, for a minimum time period of 48 hours between guests.

These protocols include screening mechanisms for all contractors and employees each individual day they require access to the properties.  An initial staff training, regular verification and management, and ongoing trainings to review our established enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of our specific properties.

We use a detailed checklists, and rigorous management.

Linens, porous and nonporous surfaces, community areas, electronics, and building fixtures all require unique cleaning and disinfecting procedures and products.

All of our protocols and procedures all informed by science and latest guidance from the CDC and reliable scientific sources.